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In 1990, Nassif Chamoun moved to Canada from Lebanon, where he worked in the vegetarian concept industry for 8 years. He then relocated and opened his first pizzeria in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2018, Nassif and his family moved to Tampa, where he opened Pitza Pizza.


Every morning, Nassif hand-picks himself the finest ingredients for Pitza Pizza at a wholesaler's market, followed by prepping dough daily. His passion lies in providing customers with the highest quality pizza, and he believes that fresh ingredients are the key to a delicious and savory pizza. He makes sure that every pizza he makes is the best it can be. Nassif requires 100% satisfaction with the quality of his food. He says if he can't eat it, why should others?


Nassif's passion for cooking and dedication to quality have made Pitza Pizza a local favorite. The Pitza Pizza restaurant is a family-run restaurant that provides excellent customer service to locals and visitors alike. It is clear that passion and commitment are key to Pitza Pizza's popularity.

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At Pitza Pizza, you're in for a real treat! Making delicious pizzas using the best ingredients to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more is our mission! Our pizza chef is passionate about making the perfect pizza for you. We take pride in our commitment to quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction.


Pitza Pizza's vision is to create a unique and unbeatable pizza experience. We use only the freshest components, and our signature sauces and crusts make our pizzas stand out from the rest. We guarantee that your pizza will be cooked to perfection and arrive hot and fresh.

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